People Are Already Flipping Travis Scott McDonald's Burgers on eBay

Meal receipts, staff shirts, and a singular fry are also up for grabs
People Are Already Flipping Travis Scott McDonald's Burgers on eBay
Today is the launch of a marketing match made in heaven between Travis Scott and McDonald's, and while the fast food giant is assuredly going to rake in the cash and clout that the artist's star power will afford them, many came away from the golden arches today looking to make a quick buck off the most dedicated of Scott stans.

Giving new meaning to flipping burgers, a number of Scott-branded McDonald's items have surfaced on eBay following today's launch of the "Travis Scott Meal."

As of publication time, the top prize remains a combo meal sold in Idaho with a starting price tag of $1,500.00 USD. The seller writes that the "Travis Scott Sandwich" was the "first ever sold" in the state, adding in true hypebeast fashion, "Item Number 00. Order number 200. First day Collection. Very rare. All items in meal are in the bag. No bites taken. Receipt in bag. Sprite included. Medium size order."

Other enterprising fast food flippers are looking to offload their singular meal receipts for up to hundreds of dollars, while Scott-branded McDonald's crew shirts are also turning up in numbers. Elsewhere, a lone french fry — hyped as "literally the most perfect fry to ever be crafted" — is up for grabs for 99 cents.

The hype for the crossover event is so real that more enterprising eBay sellers have already listed the collaborative action figure for "pre-order", despite not having the item. If you're feeling bold, buy with confidence that the seller "will ship asap when in hand."

As previously reported, Scott's meal will be available at restaurants from September 8 to October 4. Here's hoping the greasy receipts, meal combos and McDonald's action figure will keep next to Scott's Rodeo action figure and the marked-up Birds In the Trap plushy.

Scott even stopped in a Downey, CA, McDonald's location today to stoke the hype even further, with his audience's enthusiasm giving Rick and Morty fans a run for their money.