Peterborough's Mayor Is a Nine Inch Nails Fan

Peterborough's Mayor Is a Nine Inch Nails Fan
Trent Reznor photo: Rob Sheridan
Known to many in Ontario as a gateway to cottage country, Peterborough is also recognized for its vibrant music scene and history of industrial growth. Knowing that, it's fitting that the city's mayor is a big fan of Nine Inch Nails.

On Twitter earlier this week (May 5), Peterborough rapper Garbageface recalled how he had spotted Mayor Diane Therrien sporting an NIN shirt at a recent event they attended.

Recalling how at age 12 he purchased the band's 1992 EP Broken at the city's now-shuttered record store Moondance, the artist wrote, "It's still strange to me that the mayor of this town actually gives a shit about art. In the 90s that seemed inconceivable."

Garbageface then asked the mayor which Nine Inch Nails album was her favourite. Therrien responded, "It depends on the week...but overall probably The Fragile."

Inevitably, another user following their exchange tried to persuade Therrien that 1989's Pretty Hate Machine was "the correct answer" over the ambitious 1999 double-album by Trent Reznor and co. However, Garbageface reminded them, "yr personal taste is not the law."

In any case, Therrien's NIN fandom is much more genuine than that displayed by the city of Calgary.

Nine Inch Nails delivered their Bad Witch EP last year.