Pharrell Williams "Yellow Light"

Pharrell Williams 'Yellow Light'
At this point, Pharrell is as much Minion as he is man. After all, the pop megastar had his biggest hit yet when he released "Happy" for the Despicable Me soundtrack in 2013. With the third film in the series set to drop later this month, Skateboard P has attempted to strike gold once more.

"Yellow Light" is yet another immaculately produced Pharrell creation complete with drool-worthy percussion and plenty of bells and whistles. It's too bad that the song will inevitably paired with footage of those annoying yellow dudes speaking their gibberish and wandering around in thongs.

Until it's ruined by the movie it accompanies, you can listen to "Yellow Light" below.

UPDATE (6/9, 12:15 p.m. EDT): You can now watch the video for "Yellow Light" at the bottom of the page.