Puscifer "Toma" (video)

Puscifer 'Toma' (video)
Bringing it back to 2011, James Maynard Keenan's oddball audio-visual project Puscifer are revisiting their Conditions of Parole LP with a new set of visuals behind "Toma" that celebrate the high-flying lucha libre scene.

Starring the Flying Caliente Brothers, it finds the wrestling star of the sibling set being coached by his masked family member in an industrial yard. In addition to his flurry of kicks being observed by his bullhorn-blasting bro, we also see this being performed by pint-size versions of the pair. Scored by the synth-swerving hard rock number, the match doesn't exactly go according to plan.

You'll see how all of that training ultimately affected the results of the co-ed rumble in the ring down below.