Rabit Toe in the Bardo Pond

Rabit Toe in the Bardo Pond
Houston-based producer Eric Burton — aka Rabit — has described his music-making process as trying to find sense within "different layers of chaos."  It's fitting, then, that he would choose to return to the material that was honed for the recent Life After Death LP and extrapolate on the themes and narratives that he presented therein.
The title of this EP is itself a nod toward both ancient wisdom and modern-day mind expansion; Burton hasn't elaborated definitively as to whether he's referring to the Tibetan Book of the Dead or the legendary Philadelphia-based psych-rockers with Toe in the Bardo Pond. Listening to the music, one could posit that the double entendre is intentional.
"Rebirth II (Smoked Out)" is a syrupy concoction of frenetic almost-beats and broken telecommunications signals. The drums of "Rebirth II" are thunderous and multi-layered, but separating out the haphazardly stacked rhythms is an exercise in futility. At under two minutes in length, "Rebirth 33" is both a concise statement and barely a palate cleanser. Dubby echoes give the track ample room for its slim figure to writhe within. "Rebirth 4" and "Rebirth 5 (Voidness)" are equally captivating and brief.
The relative ephemerality of these tracks might lead one to believe that they are merely sketches. Yet by experiencing the EP as a journey in its entirety, the clarity of a fully fleshed-out concept becomes apparent. With this EP, Burton has crafted a mini-trip — one in which no chemicals are required. (Halcyon Veil)