Scott Walker's 'The Drift' Gets Vinyl Reissue

Scott Walker's 'The Drift' Gets Vinyl Reissue
Outsider music icon Scott Walker has released just one proper album in the past 15 years, 2006's The Drift, and now that record is getting a well-deserved vinyl reissue. The double-LP set will arrive on Tuesday (July 10) through 4AD.

Judging by the ten-song tracklist and art that appears on online retailers like Insound and Music Record Shop, it appears that this is a straight-up repress and will not include any bonus material or revamped art. However, the package will come with a digital download of the The Drift.

The decidedly un-prolific Walker has been (relatively) busy as of late. He recently composed the music for a dance piece that premiered in England, and he's apparently been working on a new album too.

In the meantime, this reissue should help tide over fans who didn't pick up a copy the first time around, especially considering that original, now out-of-print vinyl copies of the The Drift have been known to fetch upwards of $200.

Thanks to FACT for the tip.