Serena Ryder Explores the Importance of Crying on New Track "Waterfall"

The song is from 'The Art of Falling Apart' — an album that explores mental health
Serena Ryder Explores the Importance of Crying on New Track 'Waterfall'
Renowned, Juno-winning singer-songwriter Serena Ryder is about to dig deep into the topic of mental health with her new album The Art of Falling Apart. Before she does, she's shared its lead single "Waterfall."

In a press release, Ryder explained that the song is about the importance of crying.

"I have so many feelings that I have swallowed, and they add up, coming out one way or another — often by bypassing the truth, getting angry, defensive, even masking with partying or bad relationships," she said. "I've found that tears are actually the best way to heal, because we actually release healing hormones when we cry. I'd love to normalize crying, and this is a song about the many times tears have healed me."

"Waterfall" is available now via a new music video featuring Sarain Fox, available below. The song will also soon be treated to a remix featuring Melissa Etheridge.

Each of the 10 songs from The Art of Falling Apart will explore a different facet of Ryder's mental health journey. Stay tuned for more info on the album as it becomes available.