Shad Criticizes Social Hierarchy in "Sniper" Video

Shad Criticizes Social Hierarchy in 'Sniper' Video
Shad has unveiled a music video for "Sniper," from last year's A Short Story About War.
The clip delves into the troubling power structures in place throughout social and professional realms, as the title character preys on others from a distance.
"The sniper character is a metaphor for anyone who enjoys a higher position in our competitive society," Shad said in a statement. "Higher education, higher status, higher income. Not necessarily the super successful but folks who enjoy relative safety and advantage in our often war-like economic and social system. Also, the same way that a sniper participates in violence from a safe distance, likewise the more privileged in our society can be removed from the harm that we cause ‑ economically, environmentally, and relationally — through our spending, investing, our spiritual relationship to land and place, and who we choose to include and exclude."
The film noir-esque video was directed by Asan Aslam. Watch it below.