Silversun Pickups Announce New Album

Silversun Pickups Announce New Album
Silversun Pickups have given word that their Carnavas follow-up is officially in the bag. Titled Swoon, the sophomore effort by this L.A.-based troupe of alt rock revivalists is due out on April 14 via Dangerbird and, according to the band, "sounds like a nervous breakdown."

"There isn't a single song on here that would've made sense on Carnavas," front-man Brian Aubert recently told Billboard. "That album was in-your-face. To me, it's a little naive. I really like that about it. But this one is almost bizarrely big. Every song is that much more complicated."

Part of this going big apparently involves the band roping a 16-piece string section for several of Swoon's tracks, which range from "slow songs" to rocker types where the strings "add this big, fat layer."

Sliversun Pickups plans to unveil two of the new tracks, "Panic Switch" and "Nice to Know You Work Alone" prior to the album's release via one of those downloadable Guitar Hero Track Pack things. The band are also displaying a series of guitars they created with Gibson/Epiphone at various shops involved in this year's a href="" target="_blank">Record Store Day on April 18.

At this point, Sliversun Pickups only have one live date scheduled, which is at this year's Coachella fest. And while there's no word yet if more are coming, the band have confirmed their album's tracklisting.


1. "There's No Secrets This Year"
2. "Swoon"
3. "The Royal We"
4. "Growing Old Is Getting Old"
5. "It's Nice to Know You Work Alone"
6. "Panic Switch"
7. "Draining"
8. "Substitution"
9. "Sort Of"
10. "Catch and Release"
11. "Broken Bottles"
12. "Seasick"
13. "Surrounded"