The Soft Pink Truth Builds New Album Out of YouTube Audio Samples

The Soft Pink Truth Builds New Album Out of YouTube Audio Samples
Drew Daniel is never one to shy away from a good concept. When he's not expanding the reaches of electronic composition as one half of Matmos, he's turned black metal and punk into fascinating dance music as the Soft Pink Truth. Revisiting the latter project, the artist is back with a third album.

The release is called Why Pay More? and its source material was entirely culled from YouTube videos. There are eight tracks in total, and the result is what Daniel described on Twitter as "YouTube-search-query based plunderphonic house music."

Over on the album's Bandcamp, Daniel offers a lengthy explanation of the album's inspiration and creation. He says he first became obsessed with YouTube in 2006, and started working on Why Pay More? in 2007.

He explains that he soon became too busy with Matmos and academia, adding that his love of YouTube waned when some UK youths beat up homeless people and put the videos online. As such, the project sat dormant. Then, last month, Daniel had some free time and opted to finally complete the songs for Why Pay More?

"Because of the web-based derivation of the majority of this material, it feels right to me to make this album available in digital formats online rather than as a vinyl recording, compact disc or cassette," he adds. "You are free to make your own decision about whether or not these labors deserve compensation (why pay more?). I am grateful to the countless strangers who shared their experience, voice, talent and/or madness on YouTube, allowing me to make this music."

Why Pay More? can be streamed in full below. It can also be downloaded for a pay-what-you-can price here.