There's a Viral Campaign to Get a Movie Theatre at Toronto's Dufferin Mall

PUP's Steve Sladkowski appears in the comedic video
There's a Viral Campaign to Get a Movie Theatre at Toronto's Dufferin Mall
Photo via Dufferin Mall's Facebook
They should build a movie theatre at Dufferin Mall! That's the goal of a new Twitter campaign from Toronto comedian Michael Kolberg, who has released a video arguing that the westside mall should get a movie theatre.

The clip β€” which features cameos from PUP guitarist Steve Sladkowski and radio host Raina Douris β€” points out that Dufferin Mall is already under redevelopment, and it's therefore the perfect time to add a movie theatre.

The argument essentially boils down to this: all of Toronto's mainstream movie theatres are downtown, and it's inconvenient for people living in the city's westside. The campaign doesn't make any mention of smaller nearby theatres like Revue Cinema and Paradise Theatre, which arguably already fulfill this market.
The video ends with a direct address to Mayor John Tory: "Mister Mayor, we implore you to use your emergency powers that have been granted to you for the coronavirus pandemic to enforce a movie theatre installation at the Dufferin Mall as soon as possible. Do not underestimate the will of the people. We demand a movie theatre at Dufferin Mall immediately, or there will be consequences."

As of press time, the campaign has 264 retweets and 867 likes. Just think β€” if every single one of those people goes to the theatre every single night, it might be able to survive!

Dufferin Mall has become a subject of some fascination in recent years. The parody Instagram account @thedirtyduff has 10 times as many followers as the actual mall.

It's worth pointing out that, despite its reputation as the "Dirty Duff," Dufferin Mall is a perfectly nice and normal mall. A movie theatre would be nice, though.