Torres Unveils New Album 'Silver Tongue'

Listen to the record's newly shared "Good Scare"
Torres Unveils New Album 'Silver Tongue'
Torres has shared plans for the release of her fourth record early next year. The project helmed by Mackenzie Scott will deliver Silver Tongue on January 31 via Merge, and today we have its lead single.

Scott has shared "Good Scare," and much in line with the topics of love and desire on the upcoming record, her new single contains much of the same. 

Of the new song, Scott issued the following statement:

Regarding "Good Scare," I guess I could say that falling in love is a lot like the Superman crawl. If you're not familiar with Superman's crawl, it's a terrifying maneuver used in spelunking that's only performed when certain passages are too narrow, so a person has to hold one arm against the body and the other above the head, all while trying to crawl forward. When you fall in love with someone, it's scary like the Superman's crawl, but you have no choice but to keep moving forward even though you have no idea what's ahead of you.

Listen to "Good Scare" below.

Torres signed to Merge after she was dropped from her record label 4AD for "not being commercially successful enough." Back in 2015, she released Sprinter with Arts & Crafts.

Silver Tongue:

1. Good Scare
2. Last Forest
3. Dressing America
4. Records of Your Tenderness
5. Two of Everything
6. Good Grief
7. A Few Blue Flowers
8. Gracious Day
9. Silver Tongue