Trapt Wish the LGBTQ+ Community a Happy Pride After Posting Transphobic Remarks

Frontman Chris Taylor Brown has marked his official return to Facebook in a super disingenuous way
Trapt Wish the LGBTQ+ Community a Happy Pride After Posting Transphobic Remarks
Over the last few years, Trapt went from shitty butt rock one-hitters to full-blown MAGA cheerleaders — especially in the case of frontman Chris Taylor Brown, who has defended everything from pedophilia to alt-right designated hate group the Proud Boys. For their efforts, the band were recently booted off of virtually every social media platform, and now they're bringing the heat back to their reinstated Facebook profile in the worst way.

The band appear to have regained control over their Facebook profile back in December, but it wasn't until this month — Pride Month — that they started posting regularly again. Naturally, the group known for their controversial political stances marked their return with a transphobic post that refers to an apparent transgender man as "it."

In response to the near-immediate backlash, Brown took to the band's profile to smooth over the controversy with a post wishing the band's LGBTQ followers a Happy Pride, and by changing their profile picture to a Pride flag with the Trapt logo. 

"To everyone who's accusing us of being homophobic," they wrote in the post, "we want to remind you that we have a lot of fans who are members of the LGBT community. We respect them and we support them. We posted this video a bit ago so don't come here with your bullshit. You disrespect us, you're disrespecting the LGBT community, simple as that."

In the accompanying video, Brown is seen wearing a "Love Wins" tank top while he wishes the band's followers a Happy Pride.

"I know some of you aren't my biggest fans," he says in the clip. "But I just want you to know we got nothing but love for the LGBT community, for the last 20 years that Trapt's been a band. We have a lot of great fans in that community and just wanted to wish you the best Pride month you've ever had!"

Numerous people have taken issue with the obvious pandering taking place here, accusing Brown of transphobia and "backpedalling."

One commenter wrote: "If you were really here for us, you wouldn't have called a trans man 'man' and 'it' literally one day ago. You're clearly just trying to use Pride as a marketing tactic. Stop using us."

"Post transphobic comment, put up a Pride flag. Ya know, I'd ask how anyone can be so tone-deaf but... I mean, we've all heard their music," wrote another.

See the full response video and original post below.