Travis Scott Deactivated His Instagram After People Clowned His Batman Costume

Travis Scott Deactivated His Instagram After People Clowned His Batman Costume
In the absence of anything good to do on what would have been the perfect spooky storm of a Halloween weekend, celebs and the rest of us alike stepped up our costume games and attempted to make the best of it from home.

Not to be outdone by others in the age of many great, yet strange successes, Travis Scott sported his own flashy costume for Instagram, decking himself out a brown Batman disguise he surely took pride in, only for his fanbase to clown the absolute living shit out of him until he deactivated his account.

While it certainly wasn't the worst Halloween costume of all time (even though the photos were kind of cursed), fans and followers still found ways to make fun of Scott for his get-up, bullying him online until the rapper deleted his profile entirely.

Scott has yet to follow up with a statement, so it remains unclear if the cyberbullying was what caused him to remove himself from the social media platform or if it was because of something else. Regardless, the reactions online have been a mixture of support and continued bullying over the costume itself.

UPDATE (11/3, 3:30 p.m. ET): According to a report from Page Six, Travis Scott did not leave Instagram as a direct result of his Halloween costume. According to an unnamed source close to the rapper, "Halloween had nothing to do with it. He is focusing on his family and their well-being and wants to influence his fans to do the same instead of being so consumed with social media."

See photos of his costume, as well as some of Twitter's reactions, below.