Traxman Takes Us Back into 'Da Mind of Traxman'

Traxman Takes Us Back into 'Da Mind of Traxman'
Last year was a bad one for influential footwork producer Traxman, who was shot in a robbery. Fortunately, he's bounced back and prepared a new album.

As its title will surely suggest, Da Mind of Traxman Vol. 2 is a sequel to the producer's 2012 release Da Mind of Traxman.

The album features an astonishing 18 tracks from the producer born Cornelius Ferguson. While it looks and sounds as if it will be an ambitious project, a press release suggests that it sees the performer holding back some.

"Instead of bringing in concepts from other genres, he simply creates a wider variety of footwork, made with a minimal, reduced palette," the write-up reads. "Often just one or two samples are selected and diced into brain-blurring cubist puzzles that bear little relation to their original sources, or anything else for that matter."

Planet Mu will release Da Mind of Traxman Vol. 2 on May 19. The tracklisting is available below.

Da Mind of Traxman Vol. 2:

1. Time Slip
2. Blow Your Whistle (Tha Out Of Here Remixx)
3. Nothing Stays The Same
4. Mic
5. Computer Getto
6. Make Love To Me
7. Bubbles
8. Let It Roll Geto
9. Ever And Always
10. Under Cover Jack
11. Can Nutin Hold Me Back
12. 15416
13. Gone And Hit That Shit
14. I Need Too Do It (ft. DJ Fred)
15. Your Just Movin
16. Tha Edge Of Panic
17. I Wanna Be High
18. U Got Me Runnin (Remixx)