TV on the Radio "Lazerray" (video)

TV on the Radio 'Lazerray' (video)
Tunde Adebimpe and Dave Sitek's respective moves to California seemed to inspire TV on the Radio's Seeds LP, and the fun-in-the-sun spirit has likewise crossed over into their music videos. Their "Lazerray" clip has the veteran rock outfit laying it down for the faithful in a skatepark.

Plenty of flip tricks and grinds are on display throughout the Atiba Jefferson-directed video, though none are made by the band themselves. There are a bunch of old-school cameos made in the vid as well, with the pros seen checking out talents of all kinds on-site including Eric Koston, Lance Mountain and more.

You'll find TVOTR cranking out their wired-up, Bones Brigade-approved new tune down below courtesy of Complex.