The Used "Cry" (video)

The Used 'Cry' (video)
The Used are getting ready to take aim at their Imaginary Enemy on the upcoming LP of the same name, and have now launched their first tangible missive with a video for its "Cry."

The long-running group get down to business in an abandoned, lights-flickering warehouse, where an emotionally wrought alt-rock arrangement has vocalist Bert McCraken weighing in on the ticking time bomb that is love and apparently ready to make someone pay for making him cry ("I'm gonna let you bleed for a little bit").

Elsewhere in the video, we see some gas-masked individuals cruising a desert wasteland, torching other abandoned and decaying structures. You can figure out the rest of the destructive narrative for yourself by giving the video a peep down below.

As previously reported, Imaginary Enemy will hit stores April 1 through Hopeless Records.