W.A.S.P. Double Live Assassins

Whether you choose to acknowledge it or not, W.A.S.P. 's existence gave extreme music a kick in the pants, even if it came after their prime. All the good Norwegian black metal bands will openly discuss how they were influenced by this band. Witchery covered "I Wanna Be Somebody" on their new Witchburner EP, and let's not even get into similarities between Marilyn Manson and Blackie Lawless. I will admit to enjoying the occasional W.A.S.P. song and, luckily, pretty much everything I've ever been able to stomach is on this disc. If you ever had any curiosity, this is an excellent starting point. The recordings are mint quality with a good mix of old, new and even the concept record pap that no one bought. Included are all sorts of scary pics of Blackie and the boys covered in blood, sacrificing nubile young’uns to the gods of rock’n’roll and hailing a darker power — it made Marilyn Manson famous. (CMC)