Watch deadmau5 Race Through Space in His CGI "Pomegranate" Video

His team-up with the Neptunes first arrived in May
Watch deadmau5 Race Through Space in His CGI 'Pomegranate' Video
In May, deadmau5 teamed up with the Neptunes for collaborative track "Pomegranate," and the single now has a surreal new music video.

Directed by returning collaborator Nick DenBoer of Generic Versatility, the "Pomegranate" video opens with deadmau5 getting ready to race other similarly-masked animals along a beachfront before things get extremely spaced out. You can watch him rip up the intergalactic track below.

In 2018, DenBoer co-directed deadmau5's video for "Monophobia" alongside Kenny Hotz. As previously reported, "Pomegranate" was recorded last December during Miami's Art Basel and will appear on deadmau5's next album.

While the Canadian producer's most recent full length is W:/2016Album/, he released orchestral album where's the drop? in 2018 and companion remix LP here's the drop! last year.