Watch Dizzy's Fiery New Video for "Roman Candles"

It's the latest to arrive from the Oshawa band's 'The Sun and Her Scorch' album
Watch Dizzy's Fiery New Video for 'Roman Candles'
Just over a month out from sharing new album The Sun and Her Scorch, Dizzy have rolled out another new song from the album.

"Roman Candles" follows "The Magician" and "Sunflower," and arrives alongside a video directed by Michael Pugacewicz. 

As vocalist Katie Munshaw explained, the band's latest centres on insecurities that come with pursuing a career in the arts.

"I've often felt jealous of friends who've taken more traditional paths in life," Munshaw wrote in a statement. "Some have gone to university and have nine to five jobs already and have to buy funny things like lawnmowers and cutlery. I know that sounds silly but I have a real fear I'll never own a home or be able to support a family because of the decision I've made, so of course, that's scary. I think I've quit the band a dozen times since we started and then wind up taking it back an hour later because I know it's just fear talking."

Watch the "Roman Candles" video below.

The Sun and Her Scorch arrives July 31 through Royal Mountain Records and follows Dizzy's 2018 debut Baby Teeth.