White Zombie's Early Career Collected on Numero Group Box Set

White Zombie's Early Career Collected on Numero Group Box Set
Long before alt-metal crushers White Zombie became a more human than human force of the '90s, the band were belting out a certain brand of noise punk via a filthy '80s club scene. Capturing the band's chaotic early period now comes It Came from N.Y.C., an upcoming box set assembled by archival hub Numero Group.

Due out June 3, the box set covers various EPs and albums issued by the band ahead of signing to the majors for 1992's La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Volume One.

This includes 1985 intro EP Gods on Voodoo Moon, the next year's Pig Heaven 7-inch, 1987's Soul-Crusher album and Psycho-Head Blowout EP, and the Make Them Die Slowly album and God of Thunder EP from 1989.

The 39-song collection, which will be delivered as a three-CD and five-LP release, also features previously unreleased material from the period. All of it is said to present White Zombie as "a grotesque creation that clawed and threatened its way to crossover metal glory. " You'll find a detailed tracklisting down below.

While the original records are all long out of print, the material had been collected on the band's Universal-backed Let Sleeping Corpses Lie CD box set from 2008, which added major label releases La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Volume One and 1995's Astro-Creep: 2000, as well as remixes and a DVD featuring music videos and the 1932 horror flick from which the band took their name.

Numero's upcoming box will be the first time much this material has been in print on vinyl in decades. Guitarist J. Yuenger, who joined the band in 1989 following the release of Make Them Die Slowly, remastered the music for the upcoming release.

It Came from N.Y.C. also comes packaged with a 108-page book featuring liner notes that trace the band's "terrifying early years," with the group's genesis described as "born of art-school rendezvous and squalid apartment circumstance." It also features plenty of unpublished photos of the band, and a visual "shirtography."

White Zombie was formed by vocalist and future solo artist/film director Rob Zombie and bassist Sean Yseult. While the band would go through numerous lineup changes before breaking up in 1998, Zombie and Yseult anchored the group throughout their entire run.

It Came from N.Y.C.:

1. Gentleman Junkie
2. King of Souls
3. Tales from the Scare Crow Man
4. Cat's Eye Resurrection
5. Black Friday
6. Dead or Alive
7. Pig Heaven
8. Scarecrow #2
9. Red River Flow
10. Rain Insane
11. Paradise Fireball
12. Slaughter the Grey
13. Eighty-Eight
14. Fast Jungle
15. Gun Crazy
16. Kick
17. Memphis
18. Magdalene
19. True Crime
20. Rat Mouth
21. Shack of Hate
22. Drowning the Colossus
23. Crow III
24. Die Zombie Die
25. Skin
26. Truck on Fire
27. Future Shock
28. Scum Kill
29. Diamond Ass
30. Demonspeed
31. Disaster Blaster
32. Murderworld
33. Revenge
34. Acid Flesh
35. Power Hungry
36. Godslayer
37.God of Thunder
38. Love Razor
39. Disaster Blaster 2